Loud Noise Like a Plane Overhead. Grinding sound.

Type of complaint: Noise - - Hammering
Call received: 25/04/2016 9:30pm


Complaint Details

Date of observation:25/04/2016 9:30pm
Date of call:25/04/2016 9:30pm
Street: Brook Dve


Wind directionNorth North East
Wind Speed6-8 Knots
Investigation result

The investigating technician could not detect the noise as described or background noise from the complex at the callers location.  A review of plant data shows no flaring or other activities creating elevated noise levels.  The on site Olefins flare noise meter showed no increases in noise over this time.


No specific plant sources were identified that could explain the reported noise. Noise meters at the Qenos Olefins plant and Charles Rd did not record any increase in noise levels through the evening to the early morning. No specific source was identified and the wind direction was not specific to the Complex.


OriginSource not identified plausible Complex