Welcome to the website of the Altona Complex Neighbourhood Consultative Group – the ACNCG.

What is the ACNCG?

The ACNCG is a group representing the local community, Chemical companies of the Altona Chemical Complex and the regulators. The ACNCG has an open invitation to the community of Altona and wider Hobson’s Bay residents to join our process.

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What is the purpose of this website?

This website is a key communication window of the ACNCG providing up to date and contextual information about the performance of the Altona Complex chemical companies.

It provides the community with contact details to seek clarification of any issues they have in relation to the Chemical complex and how to register a complaint with the ACNCG.

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Brief ACNCG History and our Complaints Line

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ACNCG Contacts

Environmental Action Line
1800 061 050
Hobsons Bay Council
03 9932 1000
EPA Victoria
1300 372 842

In case of emergency call 000


ACNCG Emergency Information

In the event of an emergency the Altona Complex Community Siren will sound.
(The siren is tested at 10 am on the first Sunday of each month, so any siren heard outside this time is a genuine emergency siren.)

The emergency siren is a continuous, undulating two-tone siren (similar to an air raid siren) that will sound for two minutes.

If you hear this siren

  1. Go inside any building. Close external doors and turn off air conditioners
  2. Close windows and shut curtains and blinds
  3. Turn on radio 97.4 FM or television ABC Channel 2 for police messages
  4. Avoid using the telephone unless it's really urgent
  5. Cooperate fully with emergency services

The all clear

The all clear siren is a single tone continuous siren.

Siren testing

The siren is tested at 10 am on the first Sunday of each month. The test includes an undulating two-tone siren (similar to an air raid siren) of approximately 10 seconds duration.

ACNCG Corporate Membership