Qenos Flaring

Qenos Olefins site has experienced two elevated flaring events in the past week that will have been observed by the community. On Wednesday 27th of September there was some flaring when a section of the SCAL-1 plant was shutdown for some unplanned maintenance. (The plant is yet to be restarted).

On Sunday 1st October at 8:45pm the SCAL-2 plant's production went off specification and was diverted to the flare until 11.20 pm when it returned to specification. This flaring was very bright with the atmospheric conditions creating a glow in the sky in the Altona region. Qenos received four calls to the Environmental Action Line about the flaring.

The timing of the SCAL-1 plant restart which will require some flaring is still to be determined. An update will be provided with the restart timing.

Flares are used to safely burn waste gases which cannot be recovered or recycled in the processing plants. 

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Date: 02-10-2017



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