Qenos plant start up update

Status update 6/7/18


The plant start ups are progressing on schedule. The Olefins SCAL-1 plant was back on line late yesterday evening. The SCAL-2 plant start up commenced today and is expected to be completed over the weekend.

The overnight flaring will be managed as previously advised to minimise impact.


Qenos plant shutdowns on 3/7/18


Regrettably Qenos facilities have had an unscheduled shutdown this morning. This involved a loss of steam supply with three of four boilers shutting down, resulting in the shutdown of both Qenos Olefins plants and the Qenos Plastics plant.

The flaring associated with the shutdown had some significant smoking at about 8 am due to the limited steam supply which is used for smoke suppression.

Qenos has notified the EPA about the flare smoking and plant shutdown, along with an advisory schedule for plant start up.

The plant start up activities should begin tomorrow (4/7/18) and will take several days. The flare will be in operation for the duration of the start up, with the activities that produce higher flare rates scheduled to occur during the day. This is intended to minimise the overnight flare impact on our neighbours and nearby community.

Updates will be posted here,

If you have any queries please contact the Qenos Environmental Advisor, Mr. Les Harman, by email at

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