Qenos Olefins SCAL-2 unplanned shutdown and startup

(Update 22/6/2018) 

Members of the community observed that the Olefins flares were burning very brightly on the evening of 21/6/2018. This brightness can be attributed to the flaring being split between 2 flares to minimise noise emissions.



The Qenos Olefins SCAL-2 plant had an unscheduled shutdown today ( 21st June). The plant start up and return to production will commence today and is expected to be completed by Saturday.

The flare will be in operation for the duration of the start up, with the activities that produce higher flare rates scheduled to occur during the day. This is intended to minimise the overnight flare impact on our neighbours and nearby community.

If you have any queries please contact the Qenos Environmental Advisor Mr. Les Harman by email at

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Date: 21-06-2018



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