Qenos Olefins SCAL-2 Plant unplanned shutdown

At 1:45pm on Tuesday 23rd February 2016, the Qenos Olefins SCAL-2 plant experienced an instrument system malfunction which required the SCAL-2 plant to be shutdown. During the initial phase of the shutdown, there was some significant flaring. The instrument system is currently undergoing repair, after which the plant will be returned to production. This will take several days to complete, during which time the flare will be in operation. The plant start up schedule is being managed to minimise the level of evening and overnight flaring to the extent practical.

We remain mindful of our actions and Qenos aims to complete this plant start up with minimal impact or concern to our neighbours and community. 

Notification Details

Date: 23-02-2016

Time: 1:45 pm

Location: Qenos Olefins

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