Our History

The ACNCG was established in 1989, bringing together representatives from local industry, community and government to raise and address issues affecting the community and the environment.

The ACNCG was set up in 1989 to bring together people from the chemical complex in Altona, which had developed since the early 1960s, the state regulatory bodies responsible for monitoring and licensing industry, and the neighbouring suburbs. 

The Group was formed at a public meeting organised by Dr Ken Coghill, then Labor Member for Werribee. Many local residents concerned about the impact of industry on their health and safety attended as well as representatives of the Altona Chemical Complex, the City of Altona, the Environment Protection Authority and the Department of Planning and Environment. 

The aim was to provide a forum where people could discuss issues, share concerns and resolve problems. 

Early meetings were difficult and there have been challenges and achievements along the way. There has also been a substantial reduction in emissions and other adverse effects from industry.

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