Qenos Altona Plant Restart Following Planned Maintenance

We wish to advise the community that we have successfully completed the first two phases of our turnaround (Plant shutdown and plant maintenance). The final phase is the restart of the plant which is now commencing. The restart phase will include flaring until the plant is making on-specification product. We expect this period to last for approximately one week. Qenos will actively manage the flare throughout this period to minimise the impact of flaring on our neighbours as much as practicably possible. This includes minimising night time flaring as far as is practical.

We thank the community for their patience and understanding as we finalise this major maintenance activity and return to normal operation.

This update is provided on the Qenos Community update web page, the Qenos Altona Facebook page and the Altona Complex Neighbourhood Consultative Group (ACNCG) website at
If you have any queries, please contact the Qenos Environmental Health Coordinator, Mr Alan Findlay, by email at or call the Environment Action Line (Altona) on 1800 061 050.


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Date: 21-03-2023



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