Qenos is Australia’s leading manufacturer and trader of world class polymers and advanced chemicals. Manufacturing facilities are located in Altona, Melbourne and Botany Bay in Sydney

The Qenos Altona facilities occupy 103 hectares of the Altona Chemical Complex, 15km west of Melbourne. It includes the registered office of Qenos as well as three plants – Olefins, Plastics and Resins. Olefins produces ethylene as feed stock for the Plastics and Resins plants to manufacture High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is used in a wide range of markets including packaging, telecommunications and pipes for water conservation, irrigation, mining and energy.

We support local employment, expertise and skills through investment in research and development and our business contributes more than $1 billion each year to the Australian economy.

At Qenos, we work hard to build strong relationships with all of our stakeholders locally and globally – our customers, employees, suppliers, financiers, unions, regulators, governments and communities. These relationships are critical to our growth and prosperity.

We value an open and trusting relationship with our neighbours and provide information to the community via the Qenos website