Qenos Olefins SCAL-2 Planned maintenance shutdown

Qenos would like to advise our neighbours and local community of a planned maintenance activity at the Qenos Olefins SCAL-2 plant in Maidstone Street scheduled from 5th-29th November, 2020.  Some flaring will be evident for several days from the 5th November as the plant is shutdown and again during start-up at the end of November.

Some of this flaring will occur overnight, however we will endeavour to manage this to minimise the chance of disturbing our neighbours. Refer to the "Sustainability and Community" tab at for more information about our flare operation.  We look forward to completing this important work with minimal impact or concern on the part of our neighbours and community.

If you have any queries about these maintenance activities please contact the Qenos Environmental Advisor Mr. Les Harman by email at or call the Environment Action Line on 1800 061 050

Any updates and confirmation of the start up timing will be published on the Qenos and ACNCG websites: > Click on “Community Updates” Link. or

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Date: 30-10-2020



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